Went for a cahj walk up Granite Mountain with JZ, Marsh, Raine, Cook, Dayna, and Chris the other day.  We commenced our trek up pretty late - around 5 for various reasons but that made for an unreal sunset to welcome us at the top of the mountain.  Since my leg is still pretty weak and I knew that I wouldn't be able to walk down in the morning, I dragged my mountain bike alll the way up to make the descent much easier on the knee.

Crazy to think I was skiing down this 5 months ago.
Pretty cahj This year we were fortunate enough to have a supply truck (Buck, Tuna, Dom, Sarah) drive us some supplies up so we didn't have to carry in a ridiculous amount of water (there aren't any creeks or bodies of water at the top of mountains).  Since they could bring us this water and denser supplies, we were able to cook real food on our stoves instead of living off of hotdogs and trail mix like usual.
Rookie primer.
Sidekick soup?
 Perfect wiener - burnt on the outside, raw on the inside.
Sidekick party.
Raine left his mark on the helipad.
 Dayna cookin some pancakes.
I'd say this is one of the better places I've eaten pancakes.
JZ didn't have the best sleep on the helipad because he tied a rope around his waist to ensure he would roll/sleepwalk off the side of the mountain.

See ya when the snow flies granite!