I didn't expect the jacket to be in the box since it weighed nothing and was so small... but alas, there it was on the bottom.At first I thought they had mistakenly sent me the uninsulated one. Checked the tag, and it was insulated. For the Cyan Men's Spectrum Jacket (Insulated) in a size small by Armada. The Good:Incredibly lightweight. The weight to warmth ratio is amazing. Given I was wearing it last night and it was around 20 fahrenheit and then skiing this morning was 28 when I went out. But I was heating up pretty nicely. It also moves very very well with out looking bulky. Also, pocket locations were great. Zippers zip down to close (which I love). Hood adjustment on the back which so many jackets lack and I don't know why. when zipped up all the way, it is soft on the face and the hood opening isn't excessively big and then has great adjustments on top of that. Also reinforced bill on the hood helps keep the googles dry. Waterproofing of 15,000. Great amount considering I got it mostly for powder days and the powder here can be quite wet. I think it would be just as high quality with 10,000 but it will help all the kids that don't know you are supposed to wash your outerwear. The Bad:I have 2 issues. 1. No place to hook my pass. Given I can easily add this with a few stitches... But its something so easy to add and I just kinda expected it. I don't like to put it on my zipper pulls cause I've lost far too many zipper pulls to feel safe with it there. And the jacket covers all the hooks on my pants. I ended up having to put it on my pants and lift my jacket every time I went through the lift line.2. Maybe I'm a dork, but I like having my gloves be able to attach to my jacket so that when I'm on the chair I am not worried about dropping them. I get it, I look like I'm in kindergarten when I have my gloves hanging off my jacket, but at least my gloves aren't on the snow 40 feet below me as I get carried farther and farther away. Again, super easy fix that I will be adding on myself. Considering the price, functionality, zippers zipping down (this is a big deal for me). I am incredibly impressed with their first release of outerwear. I have yet to find a jacket with every function I want, but this one came pretty close and will cost me about $2 and 10 minutes to gain every feature I want. So if you haven't checked out the Spectrum Jacket yet, try it on, you will be amazed by how light weight it is.