Last night I had my graduation, and afterwards we went out to party, so we went to a house party where I had to pull some kid out the door and they just slammed the door and wouldn't let anybody else in. So about 6 of us went to the park across the street and kept drinking, so we went through the park and got to this school. The kid I pulled out of the party wanted them to get busted so he called the cops on their party. So about 10 minutes later lights start coming from everywhere and cops are yelling on megaphones, so we all ran, I fucked up my knee and jumped a fence and laid in a bush for a half hour. When the cops finally left i got up and checked to make sure i still had everything and low and behold, my wallet was gone. The contents of my wallet was 1 license, 2 credit cards, 1 debit card, 1 piece of paper with my checking account number on it since i can never remember it, 20$ and my ymca membership card. So now here i sit trying to cancel credit cards, get a replacement license, and hope that nobody that stole it looks like me in my id picture so they don't withdraw all of my funds. So here i sit before you a broken and disappointed man. I know it was a long story but it had to be told.