I think that the photos from the Boise trip do a pretty good job of explaining what happened in the matter of two days, let’s just say Boise stole a little piece of me. Overall, the Fam and I had great time getting a lay of the land and chopping it up with some people we don’t get to see very often, start photo roll.

There is a burst geo thermal water pipe in this photo. It was said the water is 107F when it reaches the surface, hence the steam and the smell (not pictured).
State Capitol.
Durtschi putting in the effort on the scavenger hunt, if you still don’t know what this is I recommend staying a little more up to date here.
A few snaps from the after party. If you have ever heard of Luke Tanaka, that’s not him.
I had never met the Becker brothers, you know Brandon (on the right) from this movie.
E-HEATH, yea we don’t like him either (gotcha).
Thank goodness that night ended. We were lucky enough to be staying right next to this cafe spot called Big City Coffee which immediately brought everyone back to life with delicious breakfast and sandwiches, worth checking out if your in the area.
Boise is home to Boise State University, which is known for its football team the Broncos, with all that hype we had to make the walk down to the stadium and see what is was all about. When we arrived we found out the meaning of life in Boise on a Saturday, tailgating. I don’t know where I have been but it seems like tailgating has gone to the next level in the past few years, or maybe I had just never been to game in Boise.
You are looking at the stadium full of people, I am looking at that cop, and he was looking at me as if my camera was some sort of weapon of mass destruction.
Afterwards, no trip to Idaho is complete without some time on the firing range.
Tim Sorenson was there and he has a nicer camera, so it’s difficult to be friends.
The range with a view.
This is Mike from TSP, you can thank him for organizing the Northwest Winter Film Festival or for providing the guns and ammo, your choice.
Durtschi going for broke on his modeling career.
And then becoming extremely bored sitting in a chair for more than 5 minutes.
See you next time Boise.