Or, judging by the picture it might look like it´s not a good morning. It is, I guess! Do you have as cool coffe-cup as me? It´s probably my favourite one! So many memories.

As of the blog stats from yesterday I realize what I actually do all winter. BUT, it stretches far longer than the winter. Skiing isn´t something I just do, skiing is who I am. No matter what I try to do besides from skiing, it will allways be secondary.  Yesterday nearly a 1000 people checked in to see how I buildt my summer setup. I didn´t even ski !!

For me that is incredible. If that many people follows me while I do things a 13 year old kid would do, then it´s time to stand up and be proud instead!

From now on I will try to do more ski-related things. Hitting the summer-setup, make edits, do a few bounces on the trampoline etc…

I never cared to much for skiing in the summertime, cause I have to work while other people can go skiing. I guess I just try to block everything out while I am working. But, I have come to realize when watching edits from last winter, that I have been living in a bubble all winter. It´s crazy to see myself from last winter, and see how much fun I had, and how much I have evolved during the winter. No wonder it is so much fun! More skiing from now on!