Kyle Decker, the executive producer for Good Company, just announced this amazing news on his Facebook page a little while ago.

As many of you may or may not know, Good Company is going to be a 3 part series showcasing the urban, BC, and park skills of Tom Wallisch and a plethora of other incredible skiers.


About as stacked a lineup as you could assemble right now.

Going back to the announcement. The first webisode premieres first on ABC then iTunes later that week begs me to ask, is this the break that skiing needs to display the other side of skiing that the public rarely sees? Sure they've seen Nick Goepper 2-peat in the X-Games, Henrik's underwear run last year at Sochi but very few of those people see the other side of our sport; urban, BC, & park scene.

Personally, most people I know when I tell them I'm going to hit urban they wonder "What the hell is that?" or, the best response I've ever heard, "I think I saw Shaun White do that once, right?" No, no you haven't seen Shaun White hit urban but you should check out any number of the incredible skiers busting their ass hitting some gnarly features in the streets. As I digress, this could be a huge turning point for our sport as it will showcase the underbelly, the "core" part of skiing if you will, in an extremely good way with a crew of skiers that deserve more recognition than that one guy who adopted puppies or whatever.

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