Just above these words is the first episode of Good Company's season long behind-the-scenes web series 'Vice Versa'. Kyle and Tom dropped in to tell us how they made the decision to shoot a full length and give us an exclusive look their plans for the upcoming season. Enjoy.

So this is pretty much the reveal of what Good Company is up to this winter. So tell me: What's the plan?

KD: This season we're making a full length movie while releasing 5 behind the scenes episodes between now and the release.

What made you decide to move back from the short to medium length output of previous Good Company projects to the full length format?

KD: It's always good to mix things up and keep things fresh. Releasing in the full length format allows for more time for shooting and also more time to focus on editing. Our turnaround time last season for Good Company "One" was a short 2 week window in the end of January.

TW: Ya fun to change it up. Gives us time to focus on quality for the movie and still put out fun edits and behind the scenes to keep kids up to date with what we're doing!

How much of a challenge is it to put out a full movie, having dedicated the early season to filming for X-Games Real Ski?

KD: It hasn't been much different. While we were filming for Wallisch's RealSki we also had the rest of the crew on trips filming for the movie. The only difference is that the shots Tom stacked on those trips went towards the RealSki.

TW: Luckily filming for RealSki only helped fuel the motivation for the whole crew to get out and shoot. We're stoked on what we've been able to capture so far, the boys have been crushing it.

And the web series is sort of a real time 'making of' to support the upcoming film?

KD: Yes, it will give everyone a glimpse into the full length film "Vice Versa".

TW: We hope to give more of an insight into the filming and more fun behind the scenes. The web series will also feature B-footage, crashes, park footage and everything in between.

Have you got the upcoming episodes planned out yet? Where are you guys headed this winter?

TW: Some of it yes! But a lot will just happen as the snow falls! The first edit follows the process of the whole crew filming and helping me shoot my RealSki video. As far as plans right now we have our crew split up. Some of the guys are in Quebec shooting urban stuff with the legend JF Houle! Kyle and I head to Japan this week with a crew to film some of that amazing Japanese Powder!

And who's in the crew this year?

TW: Most of the boys from last season are all back in the mix! McChesney, Niklas, Ware, Karl, Dale, Berman, and Laker have all been crushing. As well as some cameos from friends along the way. It has been a pretty good snow year in Utah where many of us live so its been easier to get more people involved and shooting!

Tell me a bit about the challenges facing those wanting to produce large, higher budget projects in the current industry climate?

TW: Luckily I think we found a cool place in the mix between simple edits and full high budget projects. We still focus on shooting fun and progressive skiing with good filming and editing but without all the craziness of helicopters filming helicopters with 6 Red cameras and all that jazz hahaha. The web series takes it back to the roots for a lot of us. Putting out web edits throughout the winter is something we've all done in different ways for years. Its fun, not super serious and gives us a chance to share with everyone what we've been up! Lots of good things coming and looking forward to sharing it with you all!