Good company isn't exaggeration, it is an understatement if anything. This stacked crew of skiers, led by Tom Wallisch and filmers Kyle Decker and AJ Dakoulas, is preparing to air episode one of three this Sunday on

ESPN 2, followed by an itunes release. The three part film will feature Wallisch and friends like Tim McChesney, John Ware, Adam Delorme, Chris Laker, Nick Martini, Dale Talkington, Karl Fostvedt, Niklas Eriksson and Mike Hornbeck, promising to deliver some next level skiing. Get the inside scoop here from filmer Kyle Decker.

Matt Sklar: First off, who and what is Good Company?

KD: Good Company is the name of our 3 part iTunes short series we’re dropping this season. It includes (but not limited to) Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney, John Ware, Adam Delorme, Chris Laker, Nick Martini, Dale Talkington, Karl Fostvedt, Niklas Eriksson and Mike Hornbeck. The filmers are myself along with AJ Dakoulas. Produced by Wallisch and Tom Yaps.

MS: What can we expect to see from you guys this winter?

KD: I always hate putting expectations out there of “what to expect”. We’re not planning on taking you thru any deep story or struggle. If you’ve enjoyed watching the guys in our crew in the past, you’ll most likely enjoy Good Company. The format is session based rather than individual segments. The idea is to drop “movie worthy” content throughout the season rather than make people wait.

MS: Where and when will we be able to watch the movie parts?

KD: Episode One is dropping this coming week on iTunes for $2.99. Its over 15 minutes of “movie worthy” banger action. Two is releasing in May and Three will drop in September. We’re also combining everyones footage to drop a movie with rider segments when we’re finished.

MS: You recently announced that Episode One will be aired on ESPN. How did that partnership come about and what are your thoughts on it?

KD: Episode One is airing on ESPN2 this Sunday at 11pm EST. We had partnered with them in the past with The Wallisch Project. Shay Williams at Monster and Tom Yaps also played a huge part in setting this up.

MS: This is, to my knowledge, one of the first (if not the first) times that urban and non-competition skiing will be featured on national TV. How do you think it will perceived by the mostly non-skiing public?

KD: We are very excited to have this type of TV coverage for the type of skiing we love the most. This includes Wallisch who has had plenty of airtime w X-Games, Dew Tour, etc. I think its time to add some spice to what people are exposed to and help give more exposure the guys who go hard in the streets. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I’d love to see more of this especially with events like Real Ski Street with a long list of riders on other crews.

MS: Where have you guys been skiing so far? How has the winter been going?

KD:For episode one we filmed in Alberta, Utah, Montana and Michigan. Its been a really good start and hoping to keep this momentum going thru the season.

MS: What are your plans for the rest of the season?

KD: This season we decided not to have specific plans on where we are shooting because its usually just a waste of time planning around mother nature. Planned trips become forced trips and its pretty obvious when you watch an edit/movie. We’re gonna be organic about it, and go hard where it snows.

MS: Is the main film project for the year for most of you? Or are you still working on other projects?

KD: Yes this is the main focus for most of our riders on board. Its most important to have a small group of people “all-in”. Our lineup consists of friends AJ and I have shot with for years and we’re stoked they are joining us for the ride.

MS: To me this seems like a very cool hybrid, evolution of the free online webisode model and a full length movie. How has your experience with the Wallisch Project shaped this project?

KD: I think everyone is still experimenting with what models work and what don’t. I’m not sure there is a perfect answer for this. iTunes is the modern day platform to the old DVD movie release. Plus, for less than a Happy Meal, kids can get 15 minutes of bangers . iTunes syncs easier with all your devices also for on the go viewing.

MS: Do you think this is a format that we will see more of in the future?

KD: Every year there is something new so its hard to tell.

MS: This looks like it has been a really fun project, with a pretty stacked roster. How has it been for you guys? How is it different than a full length production?

KD: This is the first year I’ve collaborated with AJ Dakoulas on a full-time project. I wish we did that years ago. It has been a blast working together and we’re both friends with everyone on the crew so work doesn’t feel like work. Another person on board who really helped put all the pieces together is Tom Yaps. He covers alot of the business on the back end and the headache of clearing music. This gives us more time to focus on skiing and less emailing. The filming, editing or what we’re shooting hasn’t changed from editing a full length production. The nice part is more instant reward for something you are passionate about. Its the same feeling you get at premieres in the fall. The skiers/filmers get excited about talking about what they are going to do “next season”, but with this style they can hit the road and make it happen.

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