This week I went to the office and I spent some times with the boys (you guys are welcomed to pass there too and say hello). And it appears that NS just acquired a new vinyl cutter to makes sticker on demand. That's a pretty great news because now they will save some money by doing them themselves. Plus, they won't run out of them anymore like it just happened a couple weeks ago. And an other sweet thing is that they will be able to produce any size and any colors. So yes, NS will now produce gold stickers.

Jason producing a batch of "bling" stickers.

Also, did you guys heard about NS scarfs? Yeah, that's right, Bula made a bunch of limited editions scarfs! And people who came to the office party on Friday got them for free. So, during that night we rocked Montreal's bars and streets with those scarfs. Which was a fun night. Many persons came by. Even a group from NY states made the trip.

Schmuck was writing some tight articles. I got a sneak peek and he really got interesting stuff for the next weeks.