gahhh i'm so stoked! this is what my february vacation is:

get out of school on friday, MAYBE go to new york city after school for

the night, leave from laguardia early next morning. i'm staying with

one of my friend and his family, so we're all flying out. in the same

condo complex we're staying in, two other friends of mine and their

families are staying there. we're staying at park city, not far from

the mountain. we're skiing there for the first day, and then taking a

bunch of trips to alta snowbird and wherever else. i'm so incredibly

pumped. i've only gone out west once before, and that was to vail and

beaver creek when i was 12 and i went with two adults and one girl who

sucked at skiing, so this will be a LOT better.

i felt i needed to write my stoke down, and i don't even care that no one will probably read this