I’ve been wanting to do some time lapses lately but it always seems that I have my D300 (second camera body) being used as a second remote angle being triggered by Pocket Wizards.  I recently just got a GoPro HD and a pile of mounts so suddenly I have a camera to run time lapses when I have my camera bag emptied out throughout the mountain!  I stuck the GoPro HD with a handlebar mount in the snow, turned it on, walked away.  Pretty mellow.  I was pretty suprised how well it came out.  I had to do some post work on the photos like I normally would, cropped and put together in Quicktime Pro.

This jump session with Level 1 Productions in Sun Valley, ID went down pretty well and we got a lot of shots.  Now we are just waiting for round 2 to shoot out of the helicopter!

I’ll hopefully have time to do this the rest of the spring through all the terrain park shoots.