Think Feel Pictures presents GoPro HD Powder Skiing at Bear Mountain, California!! This was filmed the same time as the GoPro HD Snowboarding at Bear Mountain video. The video features the song One Too Many Mornings by The Chemical Brothers off the album Exit Planet Dust.

This is a different perspective of the awesome day we had at Bear Mountain. Most of the video is of Bow Canyon off chair 8. As you see in the video we hiked a bit away from the chair. There is nothing better than hiking to find your own space on the mountain!

The entire video was shot with the GoPro HD Hero Camera

. We used the R3 setting, which is 1280×720 at 60fps. The camera was mostly positioned on the helmet of George Brooks. To position the camera on the helmet we used the 3M adhesive mount.

David Meador did the editing. The footage was conformed in Apple?s Compressor from 60fps to 30fps, changing it to slow motion. The video was edited and color corrected in Final Cut Pro

6. The opening and closing titles were made using Apple’s Motion.

The color correction took a different route in this video. The look hopefully resembles old 16mm or 8mm film. The colors were influenced by the song we used, One Too Many Mornings, and the cover for Exit Planet Dust. The black border is similar to the Skiing at Snow Summit and Mountain High VPRJ videos.