Earlier this month Carrie and I took a trip out to Oregon to get some summer skiing in.  Since our plans never seem to work on trips anyway, we decided to do this one without a plan.  We booked our flights and headed out, knowing that it would all work out, somehow. Carrie was so excited to ski she was like a 5 year old on a sugar bender.

Somehow we made it on our plane without any trouble.  Carrie soon passed out.

I found other ways to amuse myself.

Upon arriving in Oregon, we were picked up by Julie Weinberger and Jacki Strenio.  Big thanks to those girls for hooking us up so well out there.  The trip would have been a lot harder without them.

We went from the airport to Windells and met up with Witt and crew.  After some confusion about lodging, Jacki and Julie offered us their floor space.  Thanks again girls.  When we arrived there was some rando sleeping on the couch.  Later that night she almost choked to death on her own vomit, leaving Carrie and I traumatized.

Random creeper in the corner

The next day we woke up to awesome weather and jumped in the car for our first day of skiing.

Our vacation home in "The Scummits"

This was my first time skiing at Hood, and the view is really impressive.

As soon as we got up the lifts we went to the public park.

Carrie warming up

We were soon joined by tons of campers and coaches from Windells.

This kid was killing it every day I was there

Windell's lane wasn't open yet, so while the kids were hiking the public park, I rode with Witt's group and tried to get some wacky shots with "the cat".

Timberline has a ton of fun rollers after the public park, so Witt did some nose butter 3's and hand drags on them.  My camera came very close to being crushed a few times.


As the day at Timberline was ending, we drove down to Ski Bowl for their final day.  Big thanks to Julie for the Ski Bowl photos.

Amplid's Brandon Pastucka.  Thanks for everything Brandon.



Later that night we went out to Charlie's in government camp where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Malone:

A true gentleman in every sense of the word.  Stoked on this guy.

Then Julie drank this thing full of hot sauce...

And everything seemed great on the drive back...

But I've never seen that much puke in my life.

The next morning we woke up to a foot of snow.

I called Witt only to find out everyone was heading back to Windells.  So we decided to head that way too.  On the way we stopped by the Amplid offices and met with Brandon.

After getting some swag from Amplid, we went to Windells and got the official tour from Witt.  Windells has one of the best camp facilities I've ever seen.  A huge demo center, the whole place is basically a skate park, and then they have the huge indoor skatepark.

Carrie was having so much fun with the kids on the tramps, that we actually just left her there

The next day we woke up to discover the lifts to the park weren't even running due to more bad weather.  Unsure what to do at first, I checked the freezer for some food.

Mmmm... Moldy

Next I looked at some fine art:

My Little Pony...FROM HELL

Thankfully (or not depending on how you look at it) Jacki and Julie couldn't go to work because of the weather, so they drove us around Oregon.  First stop was the Oregon candy farm.  Which sadly sounded a lot cooler than it turned out to be.

After getting some candy, (how could we not), we went to a nearby town and visited a place that serves sushi on a conveyer belt.

Later that night we met up with Brandon at "The Shack" for cheap tacos and shuffle board.  And we learned that Jacki is actually a shuffle board champion, and she hustled all of us.

Carrie giving up

The next day the weather still wasn't looking very promising.  I began to think that perhaps this entire trip was only going to have 1 ski day. 

Luckily Julie called and let me know the mountain was sunny, we just had to get above the clouds.  Brandon soon picked us up, and the sun was indeed shining at Timberline.

Sadly Jacki and Julie could not ski with us, as they were hard at work moving cones and scooping poop.  But Brandon let me borrow his Cholesterone R.C.'s for the day, and they were incredibly fun skis.

It was really windy, so nobody was hitting jumps.  So I did my best to get some shots in public park rail yard.

This ones for Kiesel and Bishop

Witt the Cat

After that we headed into Portland for my final night, concluding with an excellent karaoke bar.  Carrie ended up staying longer so she could get more days on snow.  Julie sent me these shots from after I left.  Thanks Julie.

Ben Moxham

If you get a chance, you should definitely head out to Hood.  The summer skiing is awesome, and will only get better as the weather calms down.