This weekend Les Diablerets hosted one of the first European competitions for the season.  Held up at Glacier 3000, the event was meant to be a big air, but with weather conditions being unfavourable they had to abandon the intended jump and settle for a Slopestyle/kicker run through the park.

This left some riders disappointed as the kickers were quite small and the wind high, so the conditions were less than favourable for going big.  However, Faction riders, were out in force with PC Fosse down from Norway and Swiss residents Frederick Iliano and Yvan Metrailler also competing.

Fredy Iliano, photo courtesy of Skieur Magazine

The results were as follows, in the mens:

1st: Laurent de Martin (Swiss), 8.80.

2nd: Fridtjof Fredricsson (Norwegian) 8.70

3rd: Elvis Eidsvold Harsheim (Norwegian) 8.60

PC Fosse, photo courtesy of Skieur Magazine

In the women’s event, Kim Lamarre was back on form throwing down with her usual smooth style to come in first place, the women’s results were as follows:

1st: Kim Lamarre (Canadian) 7.77

2nd: Ariana Tricomi (Italian) 7.0

3rd: Nina Ragettli (Swiss) 6.60

Next competition to check out Faction Riders will be King of Style where PC Fosse has been invited to compete, next weekend.