I often hear my friends say they'd care about Women's skiing if girls were on the same level as men. But what are they doing to help girls progress, and is there really progression in a sport so dominated by tight knit males?

You've probably heard about Devin Logan, Sarah Burke, Maggie Voisin, and Ashely Battersby. They're big names in Women's skiing. But what about twelve year old Kelly Sildaru, and how she threw a switch 1080? With all the focus on men, women simply can't keep up and gain the attention of the masses.

(Maggie Voisin picture by Julie Jacobson)

The Olympics brought more traffic to our sport. It's impossible to say we've ever received that much attention with out being on a world stage. However, most of the prime time freeskiing was men's. The women events were always aired in the early hours or late night. What does this show the average American? That it's target to men, and women aren't as important. I think the community can help change this though.

Progression on this side is slow, it's up to younger girls to step up and get into the park. Here's where you come in. Next season invite a girl you know and take her skiing. Maybe it's your sister, some chick from class, or your girlfriend. It doesn't matter who it is, just get them out there and exposed. We pride ourselves on being a community, and taking laps with strangers, and going out of the way to help people in our sport. So why is it limited to the dudes out there? The only way to get more girls noticed, on the hill, and into the sport is to make it welcoming.

You've got the entire summer to pick someone and get them stoked about winter. Let's make freeskiing more welcoming to ladies, and in return there'll be more ski bunnies (and girls that seriously rip) on the slopes. What's not to love? Kinds younger than us are the future of the sport. Let's make it so girls feel just as welcome as boys.

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/714234/The-Sildarus-Are-Better-Than-You-(Kelly killen it out there.)