Today has been all about getting my stuff together. Last pieces of the puzzle before I leave for USA and DewTour.

Got a delivery from Salomon when I opened my front door this morning, new gear, new skis new clothes, new everything!! So insane cool looking stuff. Excited to show you everything when I arrive in Colorado.


Two pairs of skis had to be waxed in order to maintain good speed while skiing. I must admit that it has been a while since I held a waxing-iron, but it´s fun when you see the result!

To the right: Salomon Suspect 2010/20111, and to the left; Salomon Suspect 2011/2012.


I HATE PACKING, takes me like forever to get it done. I am so retarded strict with packing stuff, that it´s barely something I get to end. GAAAD! Hopefully I will be done before tomorrow morning. Train leaves at 05.30!

See you in the United States of Skiing!