What's up everyone?  Dan here with a quick update about the Mammoth Parks. 

Things are looking top notch as usual.  There's tons of new features since the last update and stuff gets changed around every single day. 

South Park is my personal fav.  It starts with a sick up rail to drop leading to a choice of a f-u-f box or the sharkfin box.  Then a spine followed by a choice of C-boxes (left or right).  Then cruise down a bit for a nice table (30-45 ft about) to a hip.  Then there's a super sick jump line (4 med-big jumps on the left, a bunch of smaller ones on the right) followed by a bunch of rail choices on the bottom. 

If you want a rail fix, check out Jibs Galore... Tons a rails and other sick features. 

The real highlight right now is Main Park though. 

Main starts with a nice flat rail.  Here's a shot of Unbound Team rider Greg Brets who is absolutely killing it on the SB circuit this season.  He didn't want to dull the edges on his pipe board so he decided to just clear straight over every rail.  You can see the start mound on the right for the first jump line. 

View from the start

Left line has 2 tables followed by a upwards-trap-box-thinger (I think that's the official term) and a rail-stall

Here's one of the left tables

Here's the real masterpiece.  This jump is the absolute biggest thing I've ever seen.  Measures about 80 ft to the knuckle.  It's not uncommon for people to go over 110 ft on it though (nice big landing).  Jimmy Greenleaf was throwing insane slow laid out backs on it that made me cringe b/c I thought he might actually die.  I'll def try to get some shots of that.

Older pic from side.  (taken about a month ago.  Jump is quite a bit larger now.)

Right after that jump is this new giant hip. 

Jimmy Greenleaf clearing it.

This is just huge.  These were all shot on like thurs and the next day Jimmy started throwing double backs clean over this thing.  props

Next is the dj shack with a few rails.  Here's where you go left for the Superpipe or a few jumps or go right for a couple rails followed by the Super-Duper Pipe.

Right line starts with a slanted box

Then a little wallride.

Then a banked rail.

Then the Super-Duper Pipe.  22 ft walls.  550 ft long.  just huge.  Here's Jimmy throwing a 5 on about the 3rd run in it of the season. 

I think this pipe has more vert than the entire hill I used to work at in Minnesota.

If you go left at the dj shack, you have the choice of...

-Superpipe - 18 ft walls, 450 ft long followed by the Quiksilver funbox and then a wallride


-this set-up jump followed by the Money Booter at the bottom (about 65 ft)

Money Booter with wallride visible on the left.

Now these pics are all from thurs I think so I'll bet some cash that a few things have already changed.

I do a video park report about once a week that you can view here.... 


The one from March 4th has some shots of Sean Logan and Sean Decker hitting the huge table and the money booter at the bottom.  Check it.

Just scroll down to see past reports.

Peace until next time,

Dan Hansen