Ok, hear me out - well, you don't have to for my rant, but do read what i have to say about my suggestion. I'll make it clear where it starts.

Do you not have a car that you can use? Do you have people who tell you they can give you rides, but then turn aorund and say "Oh, wait - my bad, my ride is full already," after you've already planned out skipping class in favor of 30 inches of fresh? Then you know that pissed off, dissapointed, and most of all deceived feeling of a ride falling through. Why the fuck do people do this? Sure, it's great they are being nice - but when they fuck up like that, it about (not getting a ride in the first place feeling)^100 which for those of you who suck at math means - i'm going to kill a kitten.  In all seriousness, people need to make sure they don't hurt someones ski feelings and check in their minds that their ride isnt full. Oh! and if you ask someone for a ride when they are inebriated, they are not obligated to give you a ride, as they may not remember. I did that to someone this weekend at home - oops.

<b>Start reading again here, thanks.</b>

But here is my suggestion - A carpool applet kind of thing run by newschoolers. This will probably never happen as it would result in the widespread of people's personal info such as phone numbers and real names. But it's worth suggesting. Here's how it could work-

you make a type of program, for each region - possibly even splitting down to different mountains, and have people post rides, and people post needs, and that way you could pair up. It's a great idea - just not possibly feasible.

Here's a picture to leave you with - it reflects my anguish:

Confucius say: Man who stand on toilet is high on pot.