Last week I had the pleasure of spending some time with Noah Spengler talking about his brand, NSL ( Noah Spengler Limited). His brand has some of the most unique designs from any brand I have seen in quite a long time. This interview will bring you behind the scenes of how Noah got everything started as well as plans for the future.

Hey Noah how's it goin?

It's going really smooth! Getting exited for winter!

How was your season last year? Any memorable days out on the hill?

I actually had a pretty terrible season. My mountain didn't open till really late into the season and it shut down early also. But the whole west had a hard time with snow. It wasn't just us.

I had some really fun days this past season though! Didn't get a single pow day but had some epic spring days fast-lapping the park. Good times.

Sounds like you made the most out of what you had to work with! Right on.

I'm assuming the short season gave you plenty of time to work on things off the hill. Specifically your clothing project that popped up on ns a while back, wanna give us the low down on how that came about?

Yeah certainly! If I didn't have such a bad ski season I don't think I would have started printing.

I spend a fair amount of time just doodling or drawing with markers. Its something I enjoy doing off the hill or in free time. I post some of my pieces on Instagram or Facebook and one day a friend recommended I get one of them printed on a shirt at a local printing shop. I really liked that idea, but... I did a ton of research on screen printing, talked to people, watched tutorials, and found out it could possibly be something I could do on my own without a shop! I invested a portion of my cash into screen printing equipment and also built some myself. I designed and built the press with wood, which saved me a ton of cash and was very rewarding. After that I just started getting acquainted with the printing process and its ways.

About a month or two into printing I decided to ask around locally to friends and family if they were interested in any of the designs. (At this point I had about two). People were really supportive of what I was doing and were digging the shirts. After that I made a sale thread here on NS about what I was doing and if anyone wanted to support. Heres the link to that: . People were being really stoked about it and giving my work positivity which was awesome to branch out of my local area. Now after 5 or 6 months of selling word of mouth I have my website up where you can buy all designs : .

So long story short having a bad winter actually came around to help me in another way.

Very true! Having bought a t shirt myself I'm very happy with the quality and fit and design, the shirts are awesome.

I would have to say that your designs are pretty unique, how do you come up with ideas for a piece? Are there any meanings behind your designs?


There aren't necessarily any meaning behind the designs. The "mountain print" which was my first design, actually does have a bit of a story. One night when I was drawing and decided I wanted to try to draw my "ideal landscape". After numerous hours, I managed to whip that design up.

All of the other ones don't have any meaning or story behind them. They're just things I've doodled before that stuck.

I feel like when I say "doodled" in this interview it may be a little misinterpreted. Each design takes multiple tries with paper and ink till I get what I like. I'm never going to put out a shirt or design that Isn't my very best. I won't get 100% satisfied until it's the best I can do.

I STRONGLY believe that each design should be unique to anything else I've made or seen before. Something that pisses me off in any industry including skiing or artwork, is stealing or copying. I want all of my products to be authentic and unique. Certainly it is okay to get inspiration or similar styled from something else, but I hate when I see companies deliberately copying something. Thats why I have so much damn respect for the people behind Treefort Lifestyles. What they did to think outside of the box and come up with products nobody has ever seen is inspirational to myself. I respect them.

That's awesome. Speaking of unique, you have some very stylish skiers repping NSL. Who is all on the team?

Yeah I'm stoked on the team! I have riders from across the country who will be representing this year. Each rider is handpicked by myself for a specific reason. They are all people I want behind the company here in the beginning.

So we have Jonah Elston, who's a kid from Bend, OR. He puts out fantastic edits and has great social media content. He was a coach up at MHSSC for a while this summer. I've got to be honest, right now I thinks he's about to blow up in the skiing community . Last year he was in the running for Level 1's Superunkown best trick with both way disaster 450's on. Thats just and example of the kinda stuff he does haha. Great guy too.

We also have Rob Bittner, who most of you films with Molesquad. He's got such a unique style, from tailbutters to swaps he's an all-around great guy for the team. Glad to be working with him this year. I think we can all expect some great content from him.

On the East coast we have a younger guy Ben Evans who skis in New Hampshire. He's a super talented rail skier and has a great flow. Were happy he's on the program this year.

Last but not least we have Taylor Bond repping this season. I've known Taylor personally since before I started screen printing, and he's always been really supportive and stoked on the products. He just moved from the East to SLC to attend college. He will be filming with The Troupe this season. They put out some great quality edits and Im sure Bond will bring some fire to them.

Speaking of The Troupe, NSL was contracted by them to design and print their team tees. You can check those out in the "lookbook" tab on . We were stoked to work with them. I'm also still looking to possibly recruit a few more people to the team over this season.

Stacked! Lots of familiar names. Shouts out to Tbond!

Well Noah you have something very special going on here, I see this going far. I appreciate the time you shared with me, anything you'd like to close with?

Yeah thanks a bunch Josh! Really excited for the future. Stay tuned @noahspenglerltd on Instagram and to check out the goods!


Well folks there you have it. One of the coolest up and coming brands in the ski industry. Keep an eye out for NSL this season, with a stacked team like that I am sure you will see plenty of it in the video section. I would like to thank Noah for his time and I hope you all pick something up for the season, you will not be dissapointed.