You might have heard of him, his name or even his style but never really got to know who Cedric Tremblay-Fournier reallys is. So here’s a couple videos and a ridiculous amount  of icebreaker questions in order to understand who this awesome skier from Quebec is.

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Name: Cedric Tremblay-Fournier

Age: 26

Hometown: Amqui

Meathead Films appeared in: Wild Stallions will be my first appearance

Sponsors: Moment Skis, Bula, Joystick, Full Tilt, Trew, Ski The East

Competition Results (skiing or nonskiing): I haven?t competed this year, not my cup of tea anymore.

Home Resort: I shred Vallée du Parc when I’m not filming somewhere else.

Now Residing: Trois-Rivièeres

Favorite Moment from last winter: Skiing a feet an a half of fresh powder in April with my dad.

When I?m not shredding gnar, I?m (hobbies): biking, golfing, reading watching movies

Skiing Hero: Plake, Grif Cummings, Garret Russell

Non-Skiing Hero: Bartholemy “Black Bart” Roberts

Favorite trick or maneuver: screaming seamen

Favorite Eastern ski location: Vallée du parc when the park is nice.

Best part about East Coast skiing is: Get you so stoked when you get to go skiing in pristine condition.

Worst part about East Coast skiing is: You don?t get to ski in pristine condition too often.

The best ski style is: the one that fits you

Hidden talent: I can cook a couple dishes really well.

Inner Animal: wolf

What makes you a Meathead? I’m made of 100% pure meat… (ok this may sound weird but yea, check these out!!! “flexing”)

And finally, Take this space to write something witty, creative, funny, or let the people know why you rule:

Support the local economy, buy ste, trew and moment.

Career Achievements: I scored a whole bunch of segments in various productions over the years and I did the smallest screaming seamen ever while filming for dod media in mt bachelor, Or.

Quote: ?If you want to be a real man, just go for it and press it!?

Words to Live By: Have fun shredding!!!!

When did you start riding? A year after I learned to walk (2 years old)

If you were not a pro, what would you be? A gym teacher?.

What is more important to you than riding? Having fun riding.

Best Memory of the Year: Red bull videocontest at mont adstockand the coca ?cola t4 will team bula.

Best Hang (trip of the year): spending two weeks with the moment ski crew on the west coast.Party animal or mellow TV on the couch? A little bit of both.

Best story of another team rider: when Vincent was 11 years old, we competed against each other in a local big air contest. I told Vincent we should do the 10% rule with jelly bears if we won some money at that comp. Vincent ended up getting third (and beating competitors that were 5-10 years older then he was). I don?t know if he did buy the candies but that?sone of the only story I could think of.

You have the opportunity to be a hit on any of the hit reality TV shows, which one would you choose? America next top model !!!! Magnum forever!!!!!

Tell us something personal: The princess bride is pretty much my favorite movie ever.

Backcountry, park or urban? I have a lot of fun riding park but both urban and backcountry are amazing too, just not as easy to have access to.

Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint?)?I create stuff with duck tape.


Bands: Genesis(Peter Gabriel era). Jethro Tull, the Faint, Bowie ect.

Films: way too many to name?.

Books: The whoel Drizzt DoUrden saga by R.A. Salvatore

TV Shows: I don?t watch TV

Drink: I like strong India pale ales


Zone: THE zone

Meal: slowly roasted pork ribs and homemade sushi.

Music Top 5 songs of all time:

1-Dancing out with the moonlight knight ? Genesis

2-Solsbury hill- Peter Gabriel

3-Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie

4-Poison-Alice Cooper

5-L?ours ?tricot machine

Name 5 Items you can’t live without: Oxygen, food, shelter, clothes and ski equipment

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Teaching physical education somewhere.

Biggest influence in your life and why? My family. They educated me to be the man I am right now and helped me out when I needed them. I?ll be forever thankful for everything they did for me.

Now you know.