Clayton and I went out yesterday and stepped out a pretty fun jump that was recently featured with the Nimbus crew. We opened up the landing a little bit so it is possible to take it a few different ways instead of one through a 5 ft margin of landing. We each got to hit it once but the compression definitely made things difficult. Should have a pretty solid session once we get a fresh blanket on it. Speed was pretty easy to figure out...go as fast as you can.The Arc'teryx crew just arrived at the lodge and it looks like they timed it up right. They are looking to get some shots and although the sun may not cooperate we are expected to get 60 cm over the next 3 days (about 3 feet) so there should be no lack of possibilities.Should have a pretty solid video soon just waiting for a fire wire cable that fits my computer so I can put in the multiple angle shots. We expect to be building a hip in the near future that will be more than plentiful for any desired trick one may have. Should be about a 55-65 ft gap with the possibility to go bigger or smaller than that. Pretty excited about the next few days to come :) Getting very close to an edit...finally.