So today, bored in class, trying to filter out the bull that is my design education, I googled myself. It could be a testament to how much I love myself, but I’m just going to write it off as normal behavior.

One of the first things google dug up was the Circle trailer I put out last spring that was re-upped on Zapiks. Zapiks is a French action sports video site I’m pretty sure, so it was cool to see MN making its way to Europe. God only knows however, why the good intentioned Frenchman neglected to copy-paste the copy and credit I had written, and instead butchered our names. Definitely cool though, my joke KOS is re-upped alongside a ton of way more banger edits.

I found this blog when googling MN NICE. Me and Daveb did a killer job on that newschoolers writeup eh? I agree with the author, if our video didn’t get you stoked on the Midwest, get out!

Here is another NICE re-up to Switzerland’s FreestyleTV.

Every once in a while I’ll go through the referrer’s list on my Vimeo videos to see if any of the edits go viral. Reunion II was dug up on this Japanese site with almost a thousand hits. The same goes for my 2009 Season Edit was posted on alltheski, a Spanish freeski site. It’s cool, and maybe a little funny to read barely coherent google translations of foreign skiers talking about my knees. I won’t post them here, but there’s always a bunch of MySpace page links on my referrers list too. Over time though, most of the referrer links get broken. I traced one of my 2008 videos to this, I presume, Russian ski site, HVTEAM.

My main man Skier Steve posted the NICE teaser on Skeptic. Rollerblade forums are kinda quiet. It was interesting to read what responses did show up though. It’s kinda funny that out there, there exists some booters that hate on skiing like most skiers hate on rollers.

I’m sure if I was more bored, I could keep digging, but class is over. A while ago I came to realize that your video has no hope of making it anywhere on the internet without viral reposting. You can plant the seed and spread your content in as many different places as possible, but unless you bite the bullet and shamelessly whore your edit out, you better hope someone thinks your stuff is cool enough to show. Without that, you can rest assured no one except your friends and a couple hundred strangers will ever know.

If your buddy just made a sick edit, do him a favor, repost it, link to it, like it, dig it, tag it (EMPHASIS ON TAGGING, IT’S IMPORTANT!), get viral.