Finished this movie last night called "It's All Gone Pete Tong" and it was a pleasant surprise. Didn't know anything about it, but it drew me in quickly as the story developed. The movie was focused on this character named Frankie Wilde and his career and life as a dance hall DJ in Ibiza, wherein he becomes deaf and his career falls apart, but later rediscovers the ability to make music through feeling the sound (and I'm not talking that lame August Rush crap) and reinvents his career.The catch with the film is that they make it seem like a factual documentary. They have real DJ's, producers and label managers giving quotes about Frankie and after the film I had to do some research to see if this guys story was legitimate. Turns out it was all a farce, but a well done one at that. They've gone as far as creating faux websites, music, music videos and other "stuff" to convince people that this guy and his story truly existed.Brilliant idea and in my opinion a great delivery. Take a look.And on a side note. I've got some content piling up from the past few days where we've managed to get on the snow and start getting our wheels turning. More on that soon.Peas.