Join us this Sunday, October 2nd as Jason Levinthal, founder of Line Skis, joins us online to answer your questions about the future of the company.Words from the man himself: "As you all know Line's been focused almost exclusively on fueling the newschool scene in skiing for as long, if not longer than anyone. We've been at it for ten years now, and there's some suspense around what our plans are for the future. We've been extremely busy all summer formulating some new and creative ways to take skiing to the next level for years to come."Beginning at 8pm we'll start a thread in Ski Gabber that will be your place to ask the questions. Jason will be online answering as many as possible but we're going to keep the answers short so we can keep things flowing. After the chat we'll be conducting a live interview with Jason to get more in depth on some of the issues. The follow up interview will be available in the news and on NS Radio. See you Sunday.More info from the Line Site