Any plans for Labor Day weekend? Oh you’re going to an overcrowded campsite and do the same thing you do every year. That’s cool. This year why don’t you head down to South America and ski some unreal powder and give yourself a chance to win a ton of free product?!?!

No joke the people over at SASS (South American Snow Sessions) are giving away over $2500 worth of product to one lucky person who signs up for the VIP Session (September 4-12). So if you have money tucked away for an epic trip…. this might be the one. Last but certainly not least, Line’s own Garret Russell will be there share some sick powder lines with. How cool is that?!

For most of those reading this, you’d love to go…. you just can’t afford it. So instead you’ll have to settle with re-living the experience of others lucky enough to have gone (example would be Pollard’s trip last year he did with SASS). But for those of you with enough money to make this trip…. please go, ski hard and post pictures/videos online so the rest of us can enjoy as well.