Every photographer could use a little more motivation at times.  Here are some thoughts about this very matter. 

Get out and shoot right now.  It doesn't matter if you don't have an athlete ready to jump off a cliff.  Go shoot anything!  Try bringing out your lights and experimenting with them for a little bit to see what you can come up with.  What you learn could be helpful on your next shoot.Look through and organize your old photos.  If you've been shooting for a while, theres a good chance that some real gems are hiding in there.  Spend some time fishing them out and update your portfolio with the best ones.Work on re-editing some of your best images.  When we look back at our earlier edits (even just a month or so ago) we realize that they could be better.  Work on different edits, and try new techniques. We even have some for you to try here in our beginner and expert editing sections.Update your old website…  It's not going to update itself like you keep hoping.Don't sit around and wait for your new gear that you just purchased to arrive at the door.  Go get great images with the gear you already have.  E-mail clients that you've worked with in the past and see if they have any photo needs.  The message should be short, but will likely land you another job.Go out and shoot for fun.  Head with your best friends, girlfriend, wife, parents, etc… and go to a cool photographic location.  Don't plan on selling the shots and enjoy it.  Maybe you will end up with something salable, but that's an added bonus.  Remember why you are a photographer.  You should love what you do!