Hey all!

I hope you've had a great fall with all the movie premiere partys, early season shredding etc.

We've been busy having a film tour together with MSP's "Claim" here in Norway all of October. It was hosted by Fri Flyt and tons of people showed up on every single screening. It was organized a voting contest for best movie, and fortunetaly "Get Lucky" won with over 400 votes against "Claim". It has also been various succesful screenings in the US, Canada and Europe. Not to mention the world premiere we had in Oslo, Norway at the 20th September. Over 800 people showed up and it all turned out to be a big success. Check photos here. We were also pleased to get the award "Coup de Couer" at IF3, as well as being nominated in almost all of the categories.

Christopher Frankum - 540 Stale at Strandafjellet.

Get Lucky has been shipping for a while now, and for those who've bought it, I hope you like what you see. We are trying to make better movies each year, with more various and different stuff as possible. For the first time we've a full segment with a american. Tom Wallisch killed it and he threw down new and unseen tricks that blew our minds. I guess he impressed you as well?

Unknown(not for long) and talented Aleksander Aurdal also killed it this year. This was his first year shooting, and he slays it. If you see his full segment you'll understand what I'm talking about. Watch out for him for this year comps and for upcoming movie projects.

We've also done alot more helishoots for the big mountain segments, and that makes it much more interesting to watch. It gives you a new perspective in how crazy the freeskiers are.Also watch PK Hunders dub cork from a different angle that I doubt you've seen before. But enough talk, check out the sneak peaks below.


Get Lucky - PK Hunder segment

The behind the scenes documentary - Urban part 2

The behind the scenes documentary teaser

More sneak peaks to come.

Also: Check out our new beanie collection here.

(Only ships in Noway so far)

Thanks for all the support and props we've got so far. I hope you enjoy the flick!

It should be available almost everywhere at the moment.

We're currently working on a new project for 2009 that will include many surprises. Bigger and better.

Have a nice early season!



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