Words: Erme Catino

Early season turns are right around the corner! With anticipated cold air supposedly moving across the country this week, it’s about time to get your gear in order for the season. While those first few skin laps at the local hill are fine for some un-tuned skis, skinning up the mountain with beat-up skins that have lost their glue can easily turn first snow-day stoke into a grumpy mess.

Enter Gecko Skins. Gecko Skins are based out of Austria and are NOT a glue skin. They use “molecular fusion,” which allow the skins to not wear out as easily, and can be cleaned with luke warm water to remove dirt, pine needles, etc. Furthermore, their adhesion layer can withstand temperature from + 250° C to – 70°C, and are patent pending.

I have fondled a pair of these in the shop and I am excited to get on them later this fall. Though according to Justin Reyher of Backcountry Magazine, “they are the real deal.” Check them out…