This might be one of the best deals I’ve ever scored.  Right now, has these poles on sale for $34.90. Since the retail price is $140, and I had just recently wasted $40 on crappy, non-adjustable poles (that broke) I thought it might not be legit, but for that much I was willing to risk it.  100% legit.  They arrived quickly and have performed great.

As advertised they are nice and light.  They come with both powder and racing baskets.  The grips are nice and beefy and the wrist straps are easy to adjust and have a little padding and weight to them, which is great when you’re trying to get your gloves through them in the wind.

The tightening mechanism to adjust the length requires rotating the pole segments in opposite directions. You have  to get a pretty good grip on them to keep them in place or they’ll slip, but if you do a decent job they’ll hold their length for ages (I was a little worried about this, but no need).

The only caveat, and this is noted by the one review on, is that these may not be ideal for very tall people.  I’m 5’8” so they’re perfect for me, but they are reaching the end of their full extension.  If you’re over 6 feet tall, well too bad, you get a bunch of other percs in life, go find a more expensive pole and then complain about leg room on airplanes.  Anyone under 6′, go buy these now.

I even turned one of my coworkers on to these, as she needs poles when pulling around her 4-year-old, but needs to stash them when she’s holding the little one going down the hill.  She got these and is happy with them as well.

I know it sounds like I’m gushing and getting some kind of kickback from Dynastar, but I’m really not.  I”m just super psyched I got an awesome deal and poles that work great for me.  You cannot find a better deal anywhere ever.  I couldn’t be happier with mine.