Untold Story

This long-awaited release documents

the trials, tribulations and personal journeys of a select few of

the most progressive riders on the planet. Shot entirely

on 72mm film, the film takes the audience through an 11- 5 day with

these athletes as they embark on both a physical and mental exploration

of their environment and themselves.

As these athletes search for new

terrain, epic lines, personal satisfaction, and a wealth of information,

viewers will be left with a new found appreciation for dietary supplements

and soil. Months of protein shakes, vitamins, and absolute focus

are what these unique individuals go through to prepare themselves to

be prepared for this sport that takes place one day a year. Successfully

bagging lines that others don't even see let alone dream of descending,

the lines of what define a line are blurred beyond the point of recognition

and the definition of a line is defined in its truest form.

Through the innovation and foresight

in interpreting the world around themselves, the conventional

bubble of the skiing world is popped repeatedly. A film reminiscent

of My Fair Lady, with so much grace and intentional yet subtle

movement and coordination, causes images of cirque de soleil and Ginger

Rogers to dance through your head. While bringing forth such a

unique combination of mental imagery, Gaper Day uninspires the

inspired and unmotivates the motivated. Gaper Day truly is...innovation

undefined.Watch the Gaper Day trailer!