April Fools day is a golden opportunity to have an all-out good time. Poking fun at haters and gapers is what Gaper day is all about.  Started back in the day at Breckenridge, it’s a time for hooting and hollering, partying and spring sunshine. I was able to make it out from SLC to partake. I met up with my friends Judd and Jon (the ones who I just climbed the Y Coulior with) and some other homies to shred. It was sunny and warm.  We slathered on the sunscreen. Hot lapped the park, hiked off Imperial Peak and shredded some G.N.A.R. points through Lake Chutes.

I busted out the 143 with a 14″ stance for some radical ripping. Tuck knees, shifties and wheelies for days.

Backflip fail also included.  I landed one earlier in the day, but man was it tough to stay up on that oh-so-wide stance.

Edit to follow.

Imperial Summit!

Brush that hair, HOT DOGGER!

Radical, no doubt.

Whack to spot that drop in. Imma rip the hell outta this line!

G.N.A.R. points.

Gettin Turns!

My old roommate Adam. It was his first day. Can’t you tell?

me and my quintuple Shifty!