At 2:45 MT the last event of X Games Aspen 2015 started. This spot is usually occupied by the Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Finals, however things were a little different, with Men’s Skiing Superpipe being the final event this year. The sun softened the skier's left wall, causing speed issues, but these men proved their worth showing us new runs, and new tricks.

View from the media zone of the pipe

Noah Bowman started his first run with a right 1080, and missed his switch dub flat spin. Mike Riddle goes next starting with a dub cork 1260, to another dub 1260, and including a switch alley oop dub in his run. David Wise goes huge on a left dub cork 12 , into a dub 1440, crossed his skis and couldn't complete his run. Alex Ferreir threw a dub cork 1260 for his third hit, struggled to hold it on the soft wall. Simon D'Artois had a dub 1260, into a dub flat spin, which completed his run with plenty of amplitude, putting him into first place. Kevin Rolland goes down, unable to complete his run. Lyman Currier carried his speed thru a flatspin with a rocket mute grab, and an alley oop flat 5 to second place. Gus Kenworthy rounded out the first run with switch dub 1080, and a dub flatspin right side 900 with a Japan maintaining his speed, and finished his run placed in second.

Via X Games Twitter

Bowman entered his second run with a slightly shadier pipe, and threw a switch 720 with a mute grab, and finished with a dub cork 1080. Riddle fell on his last hit with a switch dub flatspin. Wise went huge with a dub 1260, but still couldn't land his dub cork 14 solid. He finished with a dub rodeo 1080. Ferreira dragged his hip on a right side dub 1260, but skied out of it fine. D'Artois had a stacked run with a dub 1080 switch 900, switch 720, and a dub flat 7. Rolland answered with a difficult run including a dub 1080, and a solid flatspin. He moved into third place. Currier went next, dropping a dub cork 1260 off the bat, and stomped his alley op flatspin 5. Kenworthy caught his edge a bit on a dub backspin 900, and finished with a switch 900.

Sunny walls making it hard to hang

The third and final run started with Bowman having a stanced switch down the pipe dub 900, and finished with a dub 10, putting him into third for the time being. Riddle couldn't hang. Wise got a right side dub 1440, finished with a switch dub 10 Japan grab. He struggled landing his run, and that threw him into second place. Ferreria had a dub cork 12, alley oop dub flatspin 9, and absolutely crushed it, and that was enough to move him into first. D'Artios brought it with the right side 1080 tail grab, and launched out of the pipe at near record levels. That pushed him past Ferreria and into first. Rolland boosted out on the rightside, and down the pipe 1080. Currier dropped and boosted with a switch 1080, but missed a few grabs, had a great 900 out. Kenworthy started with a 1080, and then a dub flatspin 900. He fell on his switch 10, and ejected making for an upsetting last hit.

D'Artios walked away with the gold, Rolland with the silver, and Ferreira with a bronze.

D'ARTIOS: 93.00

ROLLAND: 92.33


WISE: 89.00

BOWMAN: 86.33


CURRIER: 83.33

RIDDLE: 78.33