I’ve decided to put on a last minute show during the premiere of this year’s Rage Films movie “Pretty Good” at the Skybox Bar and Grill in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, September 18.  I will have a collection of large action prints from 10″x15″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″ and a 24″x36″ on metal as well as a small collection of lifestyle shots that were all taken during the filming of the movie “Pretty Good” this past Winter.  All the prints will be available for sale at very little markup from the actual cost to print and mount these photos from $50 for the 10×15’s, $75 for the 16×24’s, $100 for the 20×30’s and $230 for the 6-piece print hung on metal. The 6-piece print should be really cool as it’s one of the best shots I had of the season and it’s a big 6-piece hanging print.   I’m not really looking to make any money on these, I just wanted to have some big prints to have at the premiere to go along with the movie.  I have these priced at $20 over my printing costs.  Rage is my main crew I work with, we worked really hard this season to get some sick shots and I’d like to be able to showcase that a bit and add a little to the movie premiere.

If you have the time, come check it out at the Skybox Bar and Grill in the Gateway Mall at: 4 S Rio Grande St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 this Friday, September 18.  Click here for directions. The all-ages show will be starting at 7pm and the 21 and over show will be starting at 9pm.  Tickets to the movie are $10 at the door.

Please pass the word along to anyone that my want to check it out.