Banger photos keep coming in from Green Mountain Freeride. Here is the latest recap from Louis Erickson, their endless powder season continues… – Erme

Words: Louis Erickson

Photo: Derek DiLuzio

I wake to the sound of my alarm and look over, 3:30a.m?The house is cold. I fire up the stove and throw on some bacon as I grab ZOI Greek yogurt from the nearly empty fridge.

Walking back up the stairs I hear Holly fumbling for her things. Shae is still sleeping; I flip on her lights, ?wake up kid!? I hear a grown and I go back to tending bacon. Within minutes we are cruising towards Victor, Idaho. Brady Johnston is leading the way in his white Chevy pickup. We are on time and waiting for the photographers, 5:02 a.m. The stars are still shining brightly as we put on our boots and strap our skis to our packs.

We are on the boot pack shortly with photographers in tow. The sky slowly turns beautiful hues of purple and pink. Two ravens fly above as the sun begins to shoot rays of orange light over Jackson peak. The rising sun slowly filling Jackson Valley, illuminating the sleepy town, waking its residents for another work day 4,000 feet below. As the sun began to rise it illuminated the limestone rock we wanted to jump over, ?it?s time,? Derek says.

I line up my drop and jump into the abyss?