GMF Freeride member Louis Erickson and Ben Blakely have been getting it good in Jackson, WY.  Here is their latest update and perspective on late season pow sniping. – E

Words and Photos by Ben Blakely

This time of season, the word ‘jaded’ is thrown around.  Definition: Jade – (1) noun, a worn-out, broken-down, worthless or vicious horse (2) a disreputable or ill-tempered woman.  Jaded – verb, dulled or satiated by overindulgence, worn out or wearied as by overuse.

I do not work with horses, and aside from that one liftie that continues religiously checking tickets, I believe the later usage pertains most to the late season tendency for days off, late nights and late mornings, or scoffing at the 12 inches last night when there was so much hope for 28.

Is it bad when the dog isn’t even getting off the couch?  What’s wrong with getting my pants on at 12 noon and my jacket at 2 o?clock in the afternoon?  Or pre-gaming before Glory lap number two? There is nothing wrong with these things; it has been a great season of early mornings filled with blower face-shots from bell-to-bell.  There is no shame in taking some time to recover and restock your reserves with plenty of bacon.  As long as you get it good, stay happy, and keep that 5pm powder stash hush-hush.

Bell-to-bell days are satisfying and anyone can get it early, but the real pride is in the waiting game.  It’s still snowing and blowing and only getting deeper…so you wait…get well rested and over-fed.  You check the Facebook once more and zap the coffee in the microwave.  When you are ready, you know it and you go.  Grab your buddy, hop on the lift, stick your skins or get to the boot pack…you know where to go and you are sure it will be good.  When you’re a jaded local, you can afford it.

You say ‘jaded…’I hear ‘smarter, wiser’ and say, “Thanks!”

Below: Louis taking his time and getting it good.