G Baby Comes Clean, Lauren Perkins and Shwayze Confess – Cold As Ice TV Chairlift Confessionals II

We continue our weekly installments of Chairlift Confessionals with a deep dark secret revealed from Grete during a shred session with Lauren Perkins and recording artist Shwayze.

The trio’s Confessions are guaranteed to blow your mind… and rock your world…. destroying everything you thought you knew about life, love, religion and politics all in one fell swoop.

Watch and be amazed as Grete gets something off her chest that will change you forever. Then you will find out things from Lauren and Shwayze that will continue your downward spiral into the abyss.

You thought you could trust people… ’til now!

Special thanks to Shwayze for the confession and for the tunes… find out more at http://shwayze.com

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