We met for the first time at TFJ's (another great Swedish film crew) move premiere in 2012. Already at this point, we clicked and started to talk about doing our own project.

A couple days later we hooked and met up at my place in the Swedish town, Östersund. We talked about skiing in the underground perspective and every one of us we're motivated to hit the streets and do our own thing. Just two weeks later the sky laid its first snowflakes on the ground so we jumped in my Volkswagen Polo and cruised around in the search for some potential spots. We found a few, but they were too small and not really what we looked for. So the search continued! But it was a good feeling to already be out and kick off the whole project and it was going to be nothing except what we decided it to be our self.

Almost as fast as we hooked up, both Fredrik Green and Douglas Gustafsson moved home to my place to create a sanctuary where we could have our own Funky studio. It was built up with some good tunes, true people and many creative conversations. Our times in this studio at Frösön in Östersund were not the easiest one though. A lot of both bad and good stuff happened, everything from masquerade parties, love and psychological problems too water fights and good skate sessions on the Xbox. One hell of a sanctuary!

After we had tried out some spots in the local town without good lightning, enough speed and the right mindset, we changed our focus. Back to the car and travelled 50 miles down the country to Uppsala for some more inspiration in the street. Bought our self some headlights, a generator, bungy cord, water buckets and some shovels. This together with a completely new style of thinking and a more open mind, were the only things we needed to get it going and to succeed with our goals.

In Uppsala, we quickly realized how much of beginners we were in the art of hitting the streets. Misjudging in the building of spots, bad planning of our time and mostly, how much more time it takes to get a good shot here than in a perfect shaped park. At the very first spot we had to build for 5 hours before we even had the chance to bring out the skiis and camera to get it going. As if that wasn't enough, after 4 hours of shooting we still hadn't get the shot we were looking for. We realized that we couldn't reach for the hardest spots at first, some kind of warm up had to go down. We calmed our ambitions to try to find ourselves in what we were doing. As you would guess, this trip didn't get us much of material for the flick, but it leaved some deep track in us and in the search for perfection.

Once back in Östersund, we were much more of motivated and inspired than before. Stuff was about to go down on spots we earlier had planned to hit. Life was good in our Funky studio and as time passed by, we felt much more comfortable in what we were doing out in the streets of the night. More combinations and experimenting were done with our ideas and life rolled on as it's supposed to do. Joy if life for sure.

2-3 months in on the project we had a slump that lasted for almost two long months. Almost no filming or skiing were done as we just hanged out, partied, relaxed for ourselves and just socialized with a couple of great human beings. But this was a useful break, which we used in our advance. Rested and pumped for skiing we drove down to Uppsala once again to get what we wanted on the spots we had found out earlier on the winter and get a real comeback. This was though some really effective two weeks! The creativity flowed up like a fizzy champagne bottle and together with the photographer Adam Klingeteg, we had so much done. Rounded it all up by going to Sälen for a week, just to hang out with some good old buddies and shred some park.

Back in Östersund the flow just kept flowing in the streets. It was not much more of winter left and we felt a little worried if the material we had collected would be enough to make the movie we wanted. But in the same way we also felt satisfied, because we had been doing only what we loved in the whole winter. Ended winter with the Freeride weekend in Åre with our homeboys and just enjoyed life from the better side with skiing, good weather and good vibes.

It was hard to keep motivated in skiing when the winter ended and once again there was a little slump. We moved to Trondheim in Norway as many other Swedish people, to work and experience good summer times with skating, good crews and a lot of BBQ's. We started to look back on the winter and the material we had gotten and that made us really lusting to sum up the whole project.

Moving back to Uppsala made it happen for real and some long 8 months of work on the computer with a lot of stuff happening in life, it finally was done. Our movie had everything we wanted and it felt so great to have it completed. Many great feelings at this point, without doubt. Is was a dream coming true and we were so pumped that Funky Activity could release the movie: Who The Funk Are You?

There are a couple of people that we truly would like to thank, who played a big role in the making of this flick. At first, the photographer Adam Klingeteg who hit us up for two weeks and got some really good shots both in Uppsala and Östersund.

And then Adam Palander, another photographer who took a great front page pic for the movie, together with our good fella, Jesper Norén.

Also Alric Ljunghager and Jonathan Birkemyr who both helped out with shooting some tight documentary pictures in the streets.

We have learned a lot of things on this journey and want to give a word out to the people, that its always worth to fight for your goals. Even through some rough periods a goal will help you out. In the struggle for the goals you will find yourself more and more, to find some kind of happiness in itself. Always do whatever you want, which you can, in the search to become what you want in your life. Believe in yourself and just do it and you'll reach your own happiness.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out with this, through good and bad times. One love to ya'll!