This weekend was pretty sweet..Kinda hoping to make it better.

So yeah on friday i came home the left to go to my moto cross race...didnt so so well...but w/e it was fun and i got to hit some sweet jumps. Yeah so i had that yesterday then I stayed over again last night....and today we had a free ride day where you just get to ride around the track and screww off...

So basically it was super sick and fun...and got some sweet air off some sweet jumps

Then i Come home today planning on to going to the ROme snowboarding box thingy in Nashua NH hoping that they wuillll let me ski...Until i fucking find out that i need to pick my sister up...god knmows when, basically ruinning my whole i have to stay home and watch tv!!! boooob

So it was pretty fun weekend thanks to: