What’s good ya’ll?! Ty Battersby here with my first update!

Over the weekend my buddies Alex Dillard, Nick Bourquein and myself took a road

trip to Big Bear, California for the Paul Mitchell comp. I was hella stoked

because it was my first time to the area! So here is how the trip went down.

Alex and I left Salt Lake after picking Nick up at SLC International and

lagging way hard at my house. We stopped occasionally on the way to observe the

scenery in random deserts and to harass the local wildlife.

Our next stop was Las Vegas. That place is a mind trip

forsure. I was just there for almost two weeks in January and since then it

seemed like I was just there yesterday. We stopped by the Paris and Bellagio

for a while. I don’t gamble much but Nick and I broke even on some games so

neither of us could complain.

So after two or three hours in Vegas, we drove a few more

hours, stopped on the side of the road to take a nap, woke up and arrived at

Bear around 6 a.m. The next day training was a lot of fun. The weather was

bluebird and around 50 degrees or higher the whole weekend. Everyone was

killing it Friday and Saturday for training. I personally had a sick session

with a lot of my homies from Park City. Skiing with the likes of my brother

Adam, Max and Tosh Peters, A.J. Burton, John Kutcher, Mcrae Williams and LJ

made for a grand old time.

After day 1 we checked into The Block (an MFM hotel). It was

by far the place to stay around Bear. A lot of our friends including Dave

Euler, Andrew Hathaway and A.J Burton had rooms as well at there.

Competition time came and everyone was killing it! Colby

Albino took a gnarly crash on the bottom hip and was taken away by the ski

patrol. Hope he’s feeling better soon.

In the end, Bobby Brown, Joss Christensen and my brother

Adam took the podium. Shoutout to the Park City crew that took the top 10.

(A.J. Burton, Ty Peterson, LJ, Alex Dillard, Adam B and Joss Christensen)

Thanks to Jason Badgley at Moment for getting some shots of the Jibij girls as well.

We left Bear for Vegas and it was what seemed like a car

ride which lasted for an eternity. All of us were beat from skiing all weekend,

but that didn’t prevent us from stopping again in the desert to take more


So after all that, we finally arrived in Vegas and stayed at

my Godfather’s house for the night. We woke up the next morning, left for Salt

Lake and threw a sweet open bar party for my birthday which was the following

day. The turnout was great and everyone was stoked on the free drinks. Thanks

to everyone who stopped by the party that night on 3/11 day!

So that was my great weekend experience. That’s all I

have for this update. Until next time, take care, enjoy the snow and shred