Ok, before I get any hate about this I will say that yes, I do consider "Climate Change" and "Global Warming" very real, and very important to our generation. If there is someone on this website who hasn't put serious thought into what could happen in the next 20 to 50 years based on the models we have today, well... maybe you don't really love skiing that much.

It's funny, I have been planning on writing this blog entry for a couple weeks now, but a couple days ago my girlfriend brought home an issue of the New Scientist that has a small interview with a physicist who essentially talks about the same thing I am going to talk about. I got a kick out of that one, and in my mind - solidifies my opinion. Ok, so as I said before, I do believe that global warming and climate change are very real. Right now I am sitting in the West Kootenay's which is internationally known for it's light fluffy (consistent) powder. Unfortunately for us, this is the second year since the new millennium where we have been very, very dry. It has been 38 days since our last significant snowfall after a rain event - after a late start to the season. So, yes, I do believe that climate change is very real. My problem lies in the uncertainty the models show. That, and the models are always talking about what Earth will be like in 20 to 50 years.

As far as how our global society is being run these days (both the political and corporate) my two problems can be tied together to create one big problem. You see, the fact that there is uncertainty in the models allows the politicians to ignore the problem. This is a reality we must face. Since the 1970's, when global warming was first being talked about, there was no real evidence to back up the theory and the politicians laughed it away. Since it has had it's rebound over the past decade with high profile documentaries such as "The Inconvenient Truth", "The 11th Hour" and many, many books, magazine articles, Hollywood movies, there is no denying the fact that global warming is real, and is not going away. Even with everyone agreeing that global warming is in fact, real - there is still uncertainty in the models, just like we can't 100% guarantee what the weather will be like in three days, there is no way we can accurately say what the weather and climate will be like in New York City on October 12th, 2052. This fact allows politicians to not only do nothing, but do nothing and be content about it. Their job is probably one of the most impossible jobs in the world. If they act on something, it could mean their job, if they don't act on something, it could also mean their job. So without 100% certainty on a given subject, they can't risk being wrong. It's that simple.

Now, let's look at the other thing I mentioned... the fact that global warming and climate change, by it's nature, is always talking about what will happen in 20 to 50 years. And when I talk about this I will also be talking about the corporate world, leaving our poor politicians out of it for once. Our global society and economy is becoming more of a corporate society than a political society day by day. Where corporations are truly international with no one country as it's base the major corporations in our world are becoming more powerful than the most powerful countries themselves. When you look at how a corporation is run, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's all about profits. Why a company would voluntarily make less money doesn't make any sense.. it would be corporate suicide. So, I think you get my point on this issue, I will move on (that and I'm tried of typing the word corporation)

Ok... so, we know that global warming and climate change are very real, and we know that us, as a global society, isn't really acting on it, or taking it too seriously. So what do we do? Well, as the blog title implies, I say "FUCK GLOBAL WARMING". Let's just forget about the whole mess. It's quite simple really, if you'll just hear me out.

Our society is based on producing and consuming... from shit like "swiffer sweepers" to non renewable energy sources. Global warming is a result of the burning of fossil fuels and carbon being pumped into the atmosphere in general. So lets say that all this carbon being emitted into the atmosphere didn't create global warming. What would that mean for us? Well, the end result still doesn't look good. The bottom line is that we are using non renewable resources as our #1 energy source, we are going down a dead end road. Unless we change our society to renewable energy sources, clean transportation, and get rid of unnecessary consumeristic products that are one use, disposable oil based (such as the swiffer sweeper amongst many, many others) we will have a global depression that will take us back to the days before the industrial revolution. We, as a global society will lose everything we know.

You see, even if we ignore global warming and the impacts it will have on our society, we still know, we certainty, that we can not sustain ourselves with the way we are living right now. I must tell you that I do not 100% agree with what I have said above. Personally, I think that global warming and climate change should continue to be looked into, because there will be many benefits to humans across the globe if we take the appropriate measures to avoid catastrophes, that otherwise would have been overlooked. That being said, I hope you take what I have said for heart and understand what I am trying to get across. The bottom line is that, global warming and climate change refer to what MAY happen, by it's nature. I feel that humans are very, very bad at making decisions based on what MAY happen in 50 years, and that will be our downfall. We need to understand that global warming aside, we are heading down a dead end street, and we need to realize this and make a drastic global change before it's too late.