Hello, hello! (think U2/bono style) So here we are, on the front page of NS.com. As stated before, I'll do my best to update as much as possible. I'll try to provide my opinion on some matters, some behind the scenes looks as to how I go about doing my job, and of course a little bit of nonsense. This past weekend I took part in what has to be the best pre-Super Bowl party. Simple premise really but still fun, we had a snowpants party. Why spend all your time couped up in a crappy apartment when you can easily be outside and enjoying the snow with some friends. Of course the beer was flowing and shananigans were had but days like this remind me that you don't need to be in an expensive suite partying with industry types to have fun, all you need is some good friends, some tunes, and maybe a few beers if that's your cup of tea. Also in the news this week, I've decided I'm going to try and ski at least once a week until the snow is completely gone. This may sound easy to some of you but keep in mind I'm finishing up a degree, working as a staff writer here at NS, and still being a college student. I'll do my best and try to post at least one photo and a recap! See you on the hill! Here's some photos of the awesomness that was Snowpants Party '08. Enjoy!

Cooper hops on the neighbors car to enjoy the snow
Ryan, celebrating snowpantsConor enjoying a refreshing beerSome of the mayhemHurray for snowpantsI'm stokedUntil next time...-MR