My homies over at Flavorwire ran a really cool gallery of cameras made out of unusual stuff–like trees, shells, and–like you see in the photo above, a turtle shell (no turtles were harmed in the making…only natural causes of death…)… Which got me thinking: cameras have been along so long, people have had the chance to do some really weird stuff with them.

Though a lot of manufacturers might have you think differently, the body of your camera can actually–realistically–be made out of almost anything–who didn’t make a pinhole camera out of shoebox in their high school photography class? But some crafty photogs and designers take it to a whole new level. Some are hacked together out of other camera parts. Some are made of totally unrelated material. And one comes with shoes, dresses, and accessories sold separately. Flip through to see some of the cool/weird stuff via the image tabs above the photo here…

Lemme know below–anybody out there ever made a crazy camera?