Ski season is coming to an abrupt end but writing never ends. The following is an ACTUAL interview with one of my ACTUAL friends discussing their career, where they live, and a little bit of complete nonsense. This is my new weekly column entitled, "Friends with Real Jobs." Enjoy!Name: KarissaAge: 22.83 (Birthday is in June and I love presents!)Occupation: Controlled Technology Compliance Specialist for Intel CorporationYears Skiing: 10+What's it like being in the "real world"?Well, the real world is definitely overrated. It's nice to have lots of money to play around with, but work is still work! Many athletes in the ski industry hear the call, "Go west, my son..." What made you decide to leave the frozen tundra of the Adirondacks for the summer time shine of California?Frozen tundra versus beach weather...need I say more?!I like the idea of going to the beach on a Saturday and driving to a mountain to ski in abundant amounts of amazing snow on Sunday! That is something you cannot do in the frozen tundra of the Adirondacks!!!How many people in California immediately assume you're from the city when you tell them you're from NY?100% of them! Then, I proceed to tell these individuals, "I am from Upstate New York." And then they say "Oh, Buffalo." New York is a huge state...people outside of NY just don't realize that there is more than just NYC and Buffalo!So you're in Silicon Valley, who has the craziest employees in the personal computer valley? My guess would be Google. Those guys seem weird.Actually, Google is where everyone strives to work. They have free meals, bikes to take to the different buildings, massage therapists anytime you want...olympic sized swimming pool, they babysit your pets while you work, etc. It's pretty cool there. But, many people at the tech companies out here are engineers (most of whom are very boring)...luckily, I deviate from that mold in its entirety and actually bring some fun to the tech industry!What does your job at Intel entail? In a nutshell, making sure our secret technology doesn't get stolen by spies in other countries!Any insanely cool, super secret projects coming out?Yes, lots of them!Now that you work for Intel, are you a computer nerd?I am the absolute farthest person from being a computer nerd!!!Send me a link to a good youtube video and I'll post it here:Here you go "betch": you tell the good folks out there how we know each other?Mike was the best 7th grade love romance ever. We frequently would sneak in his Coca Cola themed basement and make out.Any chance for a rekindled romance? (insert wink face here).Are you asking me out again?! Will you write me love notes again?! I could see a rekindled romance in the future but, in order for that to happen, I'd like you a little closer, so make the first move and come to Cali! Until then, I'm any takers?!Shwing! Final thoughts?Come visit!!! I'll take you to ski mountains you'll NEVER forget!