Name: Steve GendronAge: 28Occupation: no thanksNationality: CDNHey Steve, How's it going?Hey buddy, doing good! What's shakin??Not too much. I haven't seen you since your girlfriend cooked us breakfast at Jay Peak.How's your summer going?She does make a mean breakfast, doesn't she! Summer is going great, workingtoo hard, but finding some time to kick back! We're busy getting ready fornext winter, planning our events.and we're actually moving our office rightnow too.great times!How did you become involved with Liberty Canada?First came across them at a little ski shop at Jay Peak, First Trax. I waslooking for a new set of sticks, and Don (the owner) told me to check themout. Did my homework, realized they were putting a sick product on themarket, and I wanted to help out in Canada! We now have an awesome group ofsales reps out there, growing bigger every day.Steve, What's the difference between Liberty Canada and Liberty America?First-off, we're way more French then they are! Haha. The guy's in Coloradohave done a sick job turning Liberty into one of the best ski companies outthere. They're building bomb-proof skis, everyone who tries them, lovesthem.and our job is to get the word out across the great white north..andtry have a little fun along the way!Do you have any relationship with the Statue of Liberty or the Liberty Bell?Haha.I love giant iron symbols of Americana. You guys have great monuments.Since you've got the in over at Liberty, tell some of the readers somethinguber secret Liberty has in store for next season?Can't tell ya all the secrets buddy! But we've got some big new skis comingon line that we're testing right now that are just going to kill it. Alsogoing to have some sick new graphics based on original artwork from LibertyRider Dave Lesh and his pops (who is a professional artist). Those Leshboys are just so damn talented! The Helix broke into 2008 with rave reviews across the board. What ski isgoing make jaws drop in 2009?I think one of the coolest things about Liberty is that it really is askiers company. The guy are always talking to our riders, and constantlyimproving the product. For 09, our new 182 Helix and 190 Double Helix aregoing to set new standards for performance and versatility in super fats.These skis are set to go off, and will continue the momentum of the originalHelix line, which will be back again this year.Will Liberty be displaying skis again this year at IF3?How could we not be! Felix, JF & Doug have done a sick job putting the festtogether this year, we're going to have our new sticks out for everyone tosee up on the 2nd floor.going to be jokes!Giving away any skis?Haha.I have a good feeling some lucky kids are going to be leaving the festwith some new Liberty sticks. Gotta be there to find out though!Are you going to the last trade show ever in Las Vegas? I'll be there. Weshould rip that town a new asshole.Ohhh I'll be there! Going to be sad to say good-bye to Vegas.we'lldefinitely be going out with a bang!! I'm scared.If you're at liberty to say (ha), what's Liberty's official stance on MikeHornbeck and the afterbang movement?Haha, Ohhh Rogge, you so witty! I think Mike is one of the sickest skiersout there, not much else to say.just lovin that he's now riding with us.Mad style! Will you thank your girlfriend for me for making us breakfast? Will do! Ya never know - you play your cards right, next winter she mayeven make you dinner!That'd be so sick. Any closing words?Thanks to all the Liberty reps & riders across Canada, and the crew in COfor giving us a sick product to sell. See you at IF3!