words and photos by Anthony BoronowskiSo here's the deal. This is an article that's about my trip to Calgary. I went there last weekend for the Freshtival. It's an event put on by a shop in Calgary called Fresh. By now you probably know the deal with these premieres. Movies, autographs and good times. I'm going to keep my verbal diarrhea to a minimum and try to entertain you with my photos, because I think I'm a much better photographer than a writer. Without further adieu.

Planes are almost the same. This was my air carriage for the 1 hour flight to Calgary.
Vancouver to Calgary.
At one point I didn't feel like looking out the window so I watched Dorothy The Explorer. Quite an educational experience.
Fresh in Calgary.
The first night I got there I might have not gone to the movie premieres. Well, maybe not for the entire time. I ditched out early and went to a concert.
I saw this guy play who's named Greg Gillis. Some people call him Girl Talk. It was pretty fun, yeah. Dance!
I shot this photo too. I thought it was pretty, maybe you do too. I donna.
This is from the next day. Some buildings in downtown Calgary.
Another building in Calgary, but not downtown.
This is where the Freshtival took place, 'The Uptown Theater' on 8th Ave.
Poster signing. L->R: Mike Henitiuk, Me, TJ, Michelle, JP.
Tanner signing for a kid who's stoked.
Between showings Cody Lynge of Orage was playing some bizarre popcorn game with Michelle Parker. It got pretty intense.
I'm so glad Michelle won. Because if she didn't I would have never witnessed this air punch. And it's pretty amazing.
I took this picture of JP.
And then I took this picture of a picture of this Italian guy. They're almost the same. I thought that was funny.
I also took this picture of a picture of these two Italian guys together.
And then I took this picture of Steve and Sara, it's almost the same and pretty funny too. Steve and Sara put this event on. Big thanks go out to them for all their efforts and organization. Thanks for making this weekend happen! That's all I got from Calgary...