Tobias Sedlacek is the latest addition to the Digit Snow team. Check out Tobias this season as he works on another banger segment with The Bunch while spreading the good word on Digit Ski Poles.

Born/Age: Born 1994, so I'm 19 years old.

Hometown: Currently living in Umeå, but my hometown is Tavelsjö

Breakthrough Moment: Haven't really had a "breakthrough", but I would say joining The Bunch a few years ago has changed my perspective on skiing which I would say is sort of a breakthrough moment because before I was all about competitions.

Favorite Terrain: Either a solid park anytime of the year, Utah powder or some urban bnizz.

Dream Conditions: Deep pow up on the mountains with a mountain town full of urbans. So maybe Alaska.

The Best Thing About Skiing: Setting your mind free.

What is skiing for you? A lot of different things. I would say it is a sport to some, but a way of living for others. I would count myself to the second opinion.

Favorite Music: Reggae and Oldschool/Newschool Hip Hop

Favorite Ski Flick: Session 1242 or Long Story Short.

Other Sports/Activities: Skate, Music & Chilling. Partying too, preferable with Ladies.

Words to Live and Die By: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever. Mahatma Gandhi on some shiii.

Highlights of last season? It's hard to say. I would almost say the whole season. I lived in the states with my brothers and bought a car and just drove around to ski in different places. Visited all sorts of places from Blacks Beach in San Diego to skiing the best powder in my life up in Alta.

Tell us about The Bunch? A crew of best friends who have been brought together through the same interest. The best time to be had is guaranteed while chilling with the crew, doesn't really matter if we out partying or if we up early in the morning to shred some urban.

You had an awesome segment and took some gnarly crashes...what kind of urban do you like to charge? Thanks a lot. To be honest last season I didn't really know much about urbans. It was like the first time I really went out to try to get urban shots. But during the season I've learned that I rather go big and focus on hitting a sick spot instead of hitting a small rail and do a crazy trick up on it.

How was your summer? It was good. I lived with Magnus and Par from The Bunch in an apartment and did a lot of partying and just had a good time with ma boys. Also worked liked 9 hours/day during the weeks in a big freezer storage to make some cash for the winter.

Plans for the season? First of I need to finish school, which I'll do around Christmas. Than I'll link up with the crew and continue on an urbans mission through the season. Also going to US midwinter some time to get some urbans done there and also do some park riding and hopefully some powder.

What made you choose to ride Digit poles? I think you guys have sick poles and good thoughts on how to make a sick brand. You also have a sick team, which I'm stoked to be a part of!

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not skiing? Have a good time and enjoying life.

Any other shoutouts? Shoutouts to my crew The Bunch, my family and friends who keeping it down on the home field and to my sponsors. PEACE