Free Download of Peak Performance's First Ski Movie 'Stop Go Stop' This all new 25-minute ski movie captures the life of the skier from a Peak Performance Ski Team perspective. Featuring team skiers like Henrik Windstedt, Jon Larsson, Jacopo Bufacchi, Rachael Burks and many more, the film brings us a mixture of the best of modern freeskiing - from jibbing to freestyle to big mountain skiing. The movie was filmed on super-16 mm film by Fred Arne Wergeland from the Norwegian production company Heute. "Our goal was to create a bond between the viewer and the skier, so the movie is based on atmosphere, trips and experiences. Fred Arne Wergeland has won a lot of prizes with his VAST Awards contributions and has known our skiers for a long time, so it just felt totally right to work with him," says Anders Norin, Sponsoring Manager for Peak Performance. "I caught up with the team in Are, Sweden in January, and since then have followed them through the Alps and on to Russia in the hunt for snow. For me, the ski movie is about documenting the skiers' styles and personalities. But it's also about their frustration when good snow can't be found. I'm hoping to get across the incredible joy of skiing - the joy of being on the mountain with friends and the joy of that one good ski day that can get anyone to forget the weeks of waiting," relates Fred Arne Wergeland, filmmaker and producer of Stop Go Stop. During the fall, the film will be shown and distributed in many locations and is now available for free download on the Peak Performance website at . About Peak Performance Peak Performance was founded in 1986 in the Swedish ski resort of Are. Today we are one of Europe's leading producers of functionally designed sports fashion wear. Our product range covers ski, technical outdoor, golf, training and sportswear.