I feel like Less is the first Level 1 movie since Refresh where the title actually means something. The whole vibe of "doing less", sticking to skiing and not putting narration or guys in a ski mask kidnapping people, I dig it. If you have the footage to back it, a ski porn is the best formula for a ski movie.

Less starts off in a pretty cool way: there's no intro. Level 1's intros were all pretty much the same for the past couple of years (a compilation of lifestyle shots, crashes or b-footage), so why bother putting one.

The opening segment goes to Duncan Adams, who's known for his smooth style. His part is all backcountry, but besides his ender, a perfect switch 9 safety off a step-down, nothing really stood out to me.

Next up is Magnus Graner, who should've had the opener. He has lots of bangers in his part, my personal favorites being his switch lip 270 disaster onto a down-flat-down, and his switch-up to flat at the end of an 8-kink. Oh and his last trick...

Following Magnus is LJ Strenio, who shows us his love and hate relationship with urban skiing. This segment is no Grand Bizarre, but it's still pretty good, with an opening trick that made everyone go crazy at IF3.

Then comes a couple of shots of Delorme, a park jump over the base of a chairlift (which seemed pretty sketchy and scary), a pump track segment that looked like a really fun time, and Patrick Kane's segment. I mean, Will Berman's segment. He took some good slams filming for this part, and big ups to him for getting back up and getting it done, as the features he hits are not small.

Afterwards, Sig Tveit does perfect both ways switch tails 270 on, in his first full part with Level 1, and Tanner Rainville skis pow.

It's now time for Khai Krepela, who we've barely seen in a movie since Act Natural. Khai delivered, with the technical tricks he's known for, although I would've liked to see more of him. IMO he's the best rail skier right now, he has the quickest feet in the game, and I'm sure he'll open or close a Level 1 movie in the near future.

Next I want to talk about Shay Lee and Sandy Boville. Just like Khai, these guys weren't filming with anyone since TSP's last movie, and oh do they know how to put out a part. I still can't figure out the first rail Shay Lee hits, it's definitely my favorite shot out of the whole movie. As for Sandy's segment, the only thing that bugs me is that he did the same switch 270 on that Shea Flynn did in Mutiny, on the exact same rail. Other than that, everyone of his tricks is proper.

I skipped a few skiers' part, like Will Wesson's, who's new hobby is to pass under rails, or Wiley Miller's, who's segment is a déjà vu. There's also Banks Gilberti, who's pretty hesh, and Logan Imlach, who has one really cool trick (at 40min25s). Oh and Tim McChesney does a big rail-to-rail transfer to end his part.

Second to last segment is LSM, and it's clear to say that Josh Berman is hyped on him. I understand the hype, LSM being a pretty unique skier, doing lines in urban, which is pretty rare, and having a really flowy style. The only thing is when I watch LSM ski, I'm not really blown away. He does cool and creative stuff, but that's it. He's a breath of fresh air, but I've never told myself watching him: "How did he do that, he's insane!". But that's just my opinion. Hats off to him though for that line at 45min20s, with that quick 180 (sort of a butter) to switch lip on a down c-rail, that's not an easy one.

Less ends with what looked like a fun backcountry spring session in Riksgränsen, but at the same time, the footage isn't banger enough for a closing segment. I would've put Shay Lee's segment at the end, or Khai's, or even LSM's, I feel it would've cap it all off in a better way.

All in all, Less is IMO the best Level 1 movie since Refresh, as a whole. It's definitely worth buying. Oh and Berman's got it right. Do less.