Frederick Iliano, was competing in the Ski Dart Game, which sounds like a lot of fun, here Fredy explains what it is and what he did:


The comp is called 401 Ski Dart Game and has a really cool format.

You have a dart-target and there are different tricks on it: from straight-air to 1080. You have to do the tricks on a 3 jumps-line and, of course, you cannot do the same trick twice. You also have to spin left- and right-side, and 1 run counts double. You always have to announce at the start if your run will count for single or double. You have maximum 7 runs to get your score from 401 to exactly 0. There are also bonuses for special grabs, switch, inverts and double-flips. Elias Ambühl won  the Dart 401, last year in just 3 runs!

It was really difficult for me, because you have to do a lot of different tricks and you have to calculate exactly how much each trick is worth to get to zero as fast as possible.

I started pretty good and I counted my first run as a double run. I scored 200 points and I only had 201 left. The next run didn?t give me that many points, but after my second run I had just 126 more points left. That meant I couldn?t do it, like Elias last year, in 3 runs. Unfortunately in my 3rd run I fell on the 2nd jump on a right side 900 double japan. Therefore I still had 106 points left to get. I thought I would finish in 4 runs, but when I reverted after the 2nd jump my edges were too sharp and so I fell by reverting…  That wasn?t so cool!

Now I told myself that I was going to do the 1080 and stuff like that, but I was also getting more and more tired, therefore I had to take care. Now also my 5th run was over. I decided that the 6th run was definitely going to be my last one and that?s what happened! I had just 36 points left and that meant that I only had to do a switch 1080 to a switch zero spin. That would give me 36 points (switch 1080= 30 points + 1-6 points=switch zero). I had to calculate a lot. I stomped my 6th run and I ended up 4th, which was not that bad, because I fell in two runs. I was pretty happy with my 4th place. I was right behind Roy Kittler and Kai Mahler who were both 2nd and also behind Flo Geyer who won with only 3 runs. I hope this contest will be also next year because I would love to compete again.