Swiss team rider, Frederick Iliano, has been hanging out and shredding in New Zealand, here is an update from his time there:

New Zealand so far + NZ freeski open 2011

NZ trip so far is awesome. I have learnt some new tricks and worked on my style. I have also a few days skiing with Markus  Föhr, but he had to leave after Nz Wintergames. PC Fosse and I are shredding a lot together and having fun.  We also went fishing and grilling together. That was awesome.

A day for me here in New Zealand  looks like this:

Drive with the car from Wanaka  at 9:00 am ? skiing in NZ Snowpark  till 4 :00pm.- drive down to Wanaka where I live  and do some activities ( skate, tramp, golf, fish ,train, meet friends ) after skiing- chill out and cook something for  dinner- sleep and getting ready fort the next day !!!!

Always so exited to go ski with the boys and have a lot of fun and I am also trying to push the limits while I am here.

We also had a Faction Team Sunset shooting with all the riders and photographer Camilla Stoddart, while we were out here in NZ. I think that was the best Photoshooting I have ever had!!! So thaks alot to all who organised that and shredded there.

NZ freeski open went pretty well for me.  I had qualification today, it was sunny, but there was a lot of headwind and as you know  hitting jumps with headwind is not so cool. I also had problems with the speed because it I am so light, but it went  good in the comp. Everyone has the same conditions.

I tried to do my best and made it to semis. In the semifinals I  tried to hold my grabs longer and to do some steeze landings.

I think it worked out. I missed finals because of 2 positions.

12 came into the finals and I ended up 14. I was so stoked about that .

I will train some Pipe tomorrow and watch the Slopestyle Finals.

I think I am ready to kill the Pipe on Saturday.

I will keep you updated  and as you can see I am having a lot of fun out here and try to kill it on the slopes.